How I work

My process is as simple as this:

  1. First, customer contacts me by phone or email and we set time to meet.
  2. We will have a meeting so the customer can tell me what they want.
  3. After a few days I send estimate to customer by email or text message.
  4. Once the customer accepts the estimate for the labor cost, we will settle a date to start.
  5. Usually I am booking few months ahead and I tell customer exact start date few weeks in advance, unless customer has specific date to start.
  6. On the start date I will arrive and not start another project until yours in complete.
  7. After project is completed and customer is happy with finished look payment is accepted.

My estimate is only for labour cost, so customers can see what they are paying for.

I let customer choose and buy all material that they want and material behind the wall I will buy myself and give receipts to customer.

YES I take no down payment and no money ahead, I trust customer and I am confident in my work.

I want customer to believe in me and to know that I am risk free contractor.

My goal is to make my customer satisfied with my work so he can recommend me to others and this way I can grow.